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Xiomara is passionate about building relationships and connecting with people. She has always been THE planner in her personal life and in professional settings. Part quality assurance professional, she still enjoys making time to help others through the stresses of event planning because she finds joy in sharing those memories with clients. Xiomara has been working with Fortuna Events Miami for eight years, and as a recent bride, she enjoys sharing her personal experiences with those preparing for their big day. Xiomara brings a “can-do” attitude to everything she does to create a positive impact on those around her.
Xiomara enjoys traveling and exploring new restaurants. She has two beautiful dogs, Zoey and Strider and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.


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Vicky loves good vibes and creating memories. A full-time marketing and branding professional and a part-time lover for curating experiences and making events memorable. Vicky has a keen eye for detail and will make sure that your event represents YOU. With a go-getter attitude and a positive outlook, she will make sure that your event is curated to you and most importantly stress-free. Vicky has been working with Fortuna Events Miami for five years and when it came down to planning her own wedding, it was a breeze! Vicky’s main focus is making sure that you have the most unforgettable time and memories that last a lifetime. Vicky is an avid fashion lover, loves visiting art museums and exploring the city with her friends and family. 

Jessica has recently joined the team as the social media and content creator, she's in the development stages for a new and exciting look for all of the Fortuna Events social media outlets. She also happens to be Bobbie's daughter.  Jessica's main focus is to develop social media content from our weddings and other special events and making sure that other potential clients see the memorable events they to can have by choosing Fortuna Events.  Jessica is an amazing chef and also and loves her photography. In her spare time she develops new recipes and creates fantastic photos of her dishes, but she also loves to capture special moments by shooting weddings, food photography, lifestyle, headshots, branding, travel photos and more. 
She has two adorable dogs Auria & Hendrixs and absolutely loves to spend time with her family, especially "MOM".


Amanda enjoys learning and immersing herself in new cultures. Her passion for organization and travel motivated her into the tourism and events industry because each gathering provides her a space to be creative and think outside the box. Amanda believes in the law of attraction, so she focuses on bringing only positive energies to your special day. You can always count with her smiles because her inner child never sleeps, it is always reliving Disney’s classics, especially Mulan. Amanda appreciates constructive criticism but never when it comes to Harry Potter, she is a Potterhead. She is an islander in body and soul, she cannot imagine her life far from the sea and she treasures a collection of shells that she enlarges every time she visits a new beach with her husband.


Orlando has a few roles in the company, he is our pipe & draping, flower walls and other rentals installations manager and is also in charge of all hotel accommodations four our clients.  He is the guru of all pipe and draping designs for weddings and other special events.  Orlando's main goal is to create beautiful backdrops for any ocassion with high-end quality material. Orlando has been with Fortuna Events for 11 years and has assisted in various capacities throughout the years and now responsible for leading the rentals department and is also responsible for all communications between our clients and the various hotels for room blocks, etc.

Orlando is a "Star Wars" connoisseur and avid collector.  In his spare time he enjoys trail biking at the various parks in South Florida, watching everything and anything to do with Star Wars, loves to travel with the familia and his boys are his life!   Also happens to be Bobbie's husband. 


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